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... is a reputable and poised company which engages in blending, marketing and selling range of alcoholic beverages. Since it's founding in Nigeria 2010, IKI Leads Ltd has become one of the leading blenders of alcoholic beverage products in the country with sales outlets in major cities.

  • 10 Years of Experience
  • Leading Blenders of Alcoholic Beverage Products
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Meridian Brandy
Egungun Gin
Egungun Bitters
Riverine Aromatic Schnapps
Meridian Ponche
Our Beverages

Alcoholic beverage Producers

With sales outlets in major cities in Nigeria, IKI LEADS LTD has become one of the leading producers of alcoholic beverages.

Professional Blending Plants

With professional blending plants, our brand is able to meet customers' needs and maintain its leading position in the industry.


Plastic Bottle Blowing Plants

The company has installed plastic bottles blowing plants to meet the increasing demand of plastic bottles due to expansion.

Economic Advantage

The advance by the company has created spaces for more personnel which opens up access to job opportunities.

Our Products

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