About Us

Our Story

How We Started

IKI Leads began operation at No. 24 Asaph Edema Street, Abaranje Road, Ikotun from 2010 to 2013. In 2014 it moved to its purpose-built blending and bottling plant located at 200 acres, Shyllon Estate Onigbogbo along Agbara Atan Ogun State.

Since its founding in Nigeria in 2010, IKI Leads Ltd. has become one of the leading blenders of alcoholic beverage products in the country with sales outlets in major cities. The company has constructed additional blending plants to meet its brand expansion goal, it expanded its brands from three to six in order to meet its customers' needs and to mantain its leading position in the industry.


Profound Activities

The company has installed plastic bottles blowing plants. The idea was conceived in order to meet the company's increasing demand of plastic bottles necessitated by its expansion goals.

The company has successfully launched a customised meridian bottle. What you see today is a repackaged, refined and highest quality meridian brandy, good for personal and public consumption.

The advance by the company has also created spaces for more personnel. Therefore expectation to add several new jobs is obvious.